A Disciplined Approach to Building Wealth

Tell your money what to do, instead of wondering where it went

Running a daily budget | Tri City FinancialOne of the largest reasons that families don’t reach their financial goals is failing to know exactly where their money is going.

At Tri City Financial Group we work hard to help our clients discover exactly where they are spending their money daily and monthly. Once our clients track what their money is being spent on they realize that they might want to make some changes in their spending habits.

Running a daily budget is simple; we offer each of our clients an open source budgeting program that is very user friendly and can be done every night before bed. You will begin by allocating your income into “categories”, such as Mortgage, Entertainment, etc.  As you spend money throughout the month, you will enter the expenses into each category. The program will then let you see how much money you have left in each category and how you are spending it.

Tracking your spending will allow you to save money by understanding where you spend your money.

We have found that of our clients that follow this simple program, not only do they  have an increase in cash flow, but the overall communication between the couple about their finances have become more open and less stressful.

People form habits, and habits form futures

Learning what your spending habits are is the first step to building the financial life you desire. You can save money and regain control of your expenses by understanding you’re spending habits and making smarter purchasing decisions. Once you change how you think, you will change how you act, change how you act and you will see different results.