Tri City Financial Group takes a unique approach in developing a financial plan designed just for you. One of our advisors will take the time to get to know you and talk with you about your current needs and your goals for the future.

The plan your advisor creates will take into consideration your income, monthly expenses, investments and debts. This plan will show you how to manage your money to help meet your short-term needs and long-term goals, all while protecting what you have and those you care about.

Wealth Accumulation

What are you saving your money for? Retirement? A home? Your children’s education? No matter what your goals are one of our advisors will guide you through the process.

Leaving a legacy

From supporting your family to funding a charity, it’s important to talk about where your money will go when you’re gone. We will help you take control of your financial legacy.

  • Some questions to ask your self are:
    • What purpose do you want your financial legacy to serve?
    • Do you have a plan to control where your assets go when you are gone?
    • Will your plan let you achieve all your goals? How do you know?
    • How will your intentions be realized?

Boost your confidence about financial matters

  • Recent research shows that people who have written plans say they:
    • Are more likely to feel their “retirement has worked out the way they planned.”
    • Are more likely to have determined the amount of money needed to save for retirement.
    • Have a clear financial direction.
    • Feel prepared, even during changing market conditions.

Track your progress

Meeting with the clients we serve periodically allows us to track their progress, revisit goals and make adjustments as necessary. Typical checkpoints include a six-month review and a year-end review. The financial planning process doesn’t end there, however – you’ll continue working toward your goals in year two and beyond.

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