Life insurance provides a way to help those you care about to maintain their quality of life in the event of an untimely death and may also provide retirement and other benefits to you during your lifetime. Your named beneficiary will receive a Lump Sum Tax Free payment upon your death. Having a proper life insurance policy in force is especially important for people with dependents such as a spouse and/or children in addition to those who have any outstanding debts.

Term life insurance provides protection without a cash value at a low cost with the option to convert to a permanent plan in the future that would include a cash value.

Permanent life insurance provides protection while serving as an investment opportunity with potential for growth.

When you meet with a Tri City Financial Group advisor they will run a complete analysis before they attempt to determine what type or amount of insurance needs you have. Knowing the proper type and amount of insurance will properly protect you and your family against a loss of life, ensuring your loved ones are taken care of.

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