Let one of the professionals on our team work with you to examine what your retirement-planning needs are, determine a strategy and provide the solutions that will help you prepare for your time spent after your career.

We’re dedicated to helping you plan for your goals and dreams

At Tri City Financial Group we’re dedicated to helping you plan for your goals and dreams. Most families would like to be comfortable in their retirement years so they can enjoy a secure and meaningful retirement. Your advisor can help you prepare for a dependable income, manage your long-term assets, plan for taxes and help you protect yourself against the unexpected so you can look forward to a more confident retirement.

Some important things that can help are:

  • Locating your assets to determine exactly what you have.
  • Making sure all beneficiary information is up-to-date on each account.
  • Organize all account numbers, passwords and related documentation.
  • Encouraging you to share crucial information with a trusted family member.

Start saving now

Maximize your contributions. Contribute as much as you can, as often as possible, when you get a pay raise, increase the contribution to your accounts before you get used to the extra money.

  • Set up automatic contributions to your retirement plans.
  • Take advantage of employer matches if given the opportunity.
  • Make sure you have at least a three to six month cash reserve.
  • Track your expenses for one or two months to determine what your daily expenses are — then figure out where you can save more.
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